When there’s a booking form on the booking page then I am taking bookings. I try not to book further ahead then per quarter. Sometimes there is a last minute availability and I will announce them on social media.


When I take bookings there’s info and a request form you can use on the booking page. The more your idea fits in my current direction, the more chance I can offer you a spot. If I can offer you a spot you will receive an email with further details.


We will take some time to discuss the design that I have prepared for you, and make small adjustments where needed. For larger scale work, the design (or sometimes a Photoshop mock-up) is used as a guideline as my aim is to make something that caters to your body. This means we sometimes have to make adjustments to make it fit to your body. Please keep in mind that my work is very intuitive and a lot of details etc only emerge when I start tattooing. In general I don’t send designs via email before the appointment.

Make sure you are well rested for the appointment, bring some snacks for yourself to eat during breaks and wear comfortable clothes (or bring some that you can change into at the studio). If you’re getting a tattoo on the back, it’s a good idea to bring something button up (like a cardigan) that you can wear reversed. When the placement is on a more intimate area on your body, I will do all I can to make you as comfortable as possible, and arrange for as much privacy around the work station as possible. Please feel free to state your boundaries at all times, the studio and myself take personal safety in high regard. 

You will be thoroughly briefed about the aftercare for your new tattoo.

Don’t plan anything straight after our appointment. Please allow yourself to take it easy and have something to eat before you travel back home.


Many factors affect the price of your tattoo, but you will always receive an estimate of the time needed beforehand. I work with an hourly rate including 21% VAT tax. For larger work I charge a flat day rate. This means I have all day available for you (10:00-17:00). Most large scale works can be done in one day. For larger projects it’s possible to split it in two or more session and spread the costs. For custom work, a design fee (or: sketch-fee) will be charged. 


All skin tones can be tattooed and I feel there’s a great lack of representation on social media. Please know that I welcome everyone to come get tattooed. All sexualities, all gender identities and all body types are welcome at all times!

It should go without saying that I won’t tattoo any kind of offensive symbols, or copy a tattoo you saw from another artist. I only tattoo my own designs and I never tattoo my designs twice (unless it is for a partner/sibling/etc. tattoo). If you want something similar to what I have tattooed before, we can always discuss a variation on the subject. In my design book are plenty of design that share a similar feel to what you see on my social media.


A deposit is required to secure the tattoo date. No deposit means no appointment. The deposit can be made via banktransfer or payable by card or cash in the studio in Utrecht. The deposit (and sketch fees) cover for the time invested in preparation for your appointment and are therefore non-refundable.

For tattoo appointments there is a cancellation period of 14 days before the appointment. If an appointment is not cancelled in time, the deposit will be charged. Rescheduling can be done once and should also be done at least 14 days prior to the appointment.

If more than one reschedule occurs, the deposit will be charged and no longer be valid for any further future appointment; a new deposit will be required.

A flash design is a design that is already drawn by me, and waiting to be tattooed. There is a lot to choose from in my design book and little variations are possible. The designs will be tattooed only once, guaranteeing you to get something unique (variations will have a similar feel, but i’ll make sure it is never exactly the same). If you have one particular flash design in mind, please include a screenshot of it. A selection of available designs can be found on the ‘available’ highlight on my instagram.

A freehanded tattoo is a tattoo that is drawn directly onto your skin before tattooing. This is a very intuitive process that connects to the moment. Examples of these are the ankle bracelets, minimalist botanicals with textures, and the large scale works.

A custom design is something specially made for you, based on your idea. There is limited space for these kind of requests and a design fee is charged for creating a custom design. 

Do you work with colour inks?
I only work with black inks.

Do you use vegan ink?
Yes. I use Eclipse Tattoo ink. It heals with a great depth in darkness and is Reach compliant.

Do you tattoo the ribs?
No. This area includes the space on the side of your torso, mainly just below the armpit.

I haven’t heard anything yet, should I send another e-mail?
During booking there’s a lot of e-mail traffic going back and forth. Due to that, I can only respond to your request if I can offer you an appointment. There’s an average of 3-5 emails before a booking is completed. So if I don’t answer it is nothing personal, I simply don’t have the time to answer everyone. I strive to update my inbox every Monday. 

Do you do cover-ups?
My designs do not lend themselves very well for cover-ups, as I like to work quite minimalistic.

There are a few frequently requested subjects that I have retired from tattooing; Vintage_52 (the project has closed), ferns, lettering and small symbols. Requests for these will not be considered.

There are a few places I prefer not to work on; the face, behind the ears, fingers and rib area. Depending on your idea, I might not be able to accept your request for these areas.