A lot of my inspiration comes from the simplicity and elegance in nature. Movement plays an important role in my work; I love making tattoos that move as your body moves, that constantly change perspective. 

In my work I like to ask myself what can I take out but leave the essence of a subject? How much or little do I really need to create an interesting visual story? This results in unique designs that leave room for one’s own interpretation. This, in combination with placement and playing with the natural lines of the body make for bespoke tattoos with a lot of dynamic that compliment the body. 

One of the reasons I like to work large scale is because it creates space to amplify things. It allows you to zoom in, blow it up and take it out of proportion and thats something that triggers my imagination. It allows space to play with textures and dotwork gradients. 

I work very intuitively; find out in the moment what works and what needs adjusting. This sense of freedom creates the space I need to get the best results. Therefor my designs are never the same as it is always adjusted to fit your body. The details, the textures, they only emerge once i’m tattooing. This demands me to be in the moment, making my tattoo practise a very mindful process. I pour my heart and soul in my projects, and it is always an honour to be entrusted with such a transformation. 

You can find me at The Ink Society in Utrecht.