The Filigree project is a tattoo project I started in the spring of 2017. When I was visiting my parents, I decided to go treasure hunting in the local thrift shop. While doing so, I found a herbarium filled with dried flowers, and due to their age it was already deteriorating. The flowers and plants were all picked in 1980-1981, in- and around the area I grew up in. Because of that I was instantly drawn to this and wanted it for reference.

Fascinated by this collection I felt I had to do something with this but I had no idea what. I’ve long had a desire to create something meaningful, and this was sitting there, right at the corner of my desk, waiting to be discovered and so all of a sudden I found the thing I was looking for: I want to tattoo as many of these as possible! This projects resonated with me on such a personal level (the surroundings, how I found them, the actual age of this collection etc) that I feel like I just have to do this.

Do not expect ‘perfect’  flowers, they are old and brittle, but because of that, they capture an even bigger and unique delicacy. My goal was to capture this and transfer it onto the skin. They range from small wildflowers, to bigger grasses. Each flower has only been tattooed once. The underlying idea was to create a tattooed herbarium, therefore I inserted the original info of the plants in the final images.

This project was closed at the end of 2017. If you would like to know more about this project, send your questions to