To make a request, simply use the template below to provide me with the information I need. You can choose from my book of designs (most of my recent work is form this book), but I am also happy to do custom work if I can fit it to my style.

Before you send me your request, please make sure to read the frequently asked questions.

Lately i’m very drawn to larger scale, bolder and more abstract type of work with a botanical and organic touch. I have a strong need to push myself forwards in newer directions and explore different creative territories, therefore I ask you to take reference from my recent work.


Your name + last name:
Date of birth:
A brief description of your idea:
Size in CM and placement (approximately):

For guest spots: please specify your preferred date and city. You can find my travel dates under ‘news’.

Any specifics I need to know? (is there scar tissue/ an existing tattoo in the nearby area etc).

All skin tones, body type and gender are welcome. Please feel welcome to share your pronouns.

If possible, include a couple of reference images from my recent work (not older then 6 months). A screenshot will do, this is just to gauge what appeals to you. Please keep your application as brief as possible. Don’t include photos of other tattoo artists work please.

Send your request and reference images to I will get back to you as soon as possible, but sometimes it can take a while.

Je mag je aanvraag ook in het Nederlands insturen 🙂

Good to know:
There are a few places I prefer not to work on; face, behind the ears, fingers and rib area. Depending on your idea, I might not be able to accept your request for these areas. My designs do not lend themselves very well for cover-ups, since I like to work quite minimalistic. It should go without saying that I won’t tattoo any kind offensive symbols, appropriate cultural symbolism or copy a tattoo you saw from another artist/on the internet. If you want something similar to what I have tattooed before, we can always discuss a variation on the subject.